There are various kinds of Flooring Underlayment, each with its different peculiarities. Treating it as a metric for picking the best Floor Underlay, it is important to consider some important factors before selecting the most ideal underlay. Other factors that demand your attention are subfloor, noise cancellation, your budget. The main types of Vinyl Flooring Ontario Change To Underlay are foam, rubber, and felt. Know the details below:

Foam: This type of underlay is a cheap substitute for rubber underlay which is not feasible for every pocket. That being said, this type has been improvised so many times so it turned out to be at par with the other category.

Rubber: if you are looking to cover the big floor area then this is the best option as it is very flexible and easy to install. It is tough, breathable, and ‘springy’ so it is a pleasure for those who like to stay barefoot! These are available in sheet and roll type, and we promise it’s super easy to install to it!

Felt: A dense and spongy floor underlayment that is extremely environment friendly and helps in noise cancellation. It is also an exceptional insulator and a fabulous floor cushion giving that extra comfortable feeling. They are perfect for commercial purposes such as gym or dance places.

Ask our expert to know the best flooring option available for you!